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Philips' portable Hue Go light looks pretty boss

Philips' portable Hue Go light looks pretty boss

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Sometimes, not often, but sometimes you need a portable light resembling a half-melon. Philips knows this, and it's why the company is today announcing the Hue Go. Its internal battery can hold at least a 3-hour charge when away from the base. And because it’s Hue, you can also wirelessly control the lamp’s 16 million colors and interact with the entire range of Hue lighting solutions. Better yet, native and third-party apps can sync Hue lighting with music, gaming, and TV; integrate the lamp into home automation scenes; or enable discrete light notifications for things like weather changes and smartphone alerts.

Hue Go

The Hue Go also features a control button directly on the lamp, letting you switch between seven different dynamic, pre-programmed lighting effects. Point it at a wall in Enchanted Forest mode for indirect mood lighting, or place it on the dinning room table in Cozy Candle mode for a groovy "living light" center piece. Or crank up the white and grab a shovel for all sorts of unsavory activity in the crawl space beneath the house.

Hue Go is expected to hit the US by the end of May or early June for $99.95.