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Another cop forgets that everyone is a cameraman

Another cop forgets that everyone is a cameraman


NYPD officer stripped of badge and gun over hate-filled rant against Uber driver

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The New York Police Department has stripped an officer of his badge and gun after a passenger recorded him screaming at an Uber driver for no good reason. The officer, identified as Patrick Cherry, attempted to park his unmarked car without using a turn signal in front of a green light, according to Sanjay Seth, who recorded and uploaded video of the incident to YouTube. The driver honked and gestured "casually and inoffensively," Seth writes, telling Cherry to use his blinker, and that's apparently what set the cop off. He followed the Uber driver and pulled him over, which is where Seth's video picks up the action. What follows is a expletive-laced tirade, peppered with mocking comments about the driver's accent. In a statement, Uber called the incident "unacceptable," as did NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton at a news conference yesterday when announcing that Cherry had been removed from the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force — a group of "highly trained, locally based, passionately committed investigators" that the officer was a part of.

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