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It's 3015, and Times Square is crammed inside a giant skyscraper

Via The Creators' Project | Source eVolo Skyscraper Competition

Would you be happy living in a skyscraper and never going outside? It sounds depressing or perhaps dystopic, but what if that skyscraper contained everything you enjoyed about the outside world, like the beaches and the forests? Thanks to on-demand services that let us order anything at the touch of a button, it already seems like we're becoming a nation of shut-ins, and now, architects are exploring ways to bring the pleasures of the outdoors inside.

In this startling concept for the eVolo Skyscraper Competition, a re-designed Times Square in a thousand years is home to a single, massive skyscraper. "Times Squared 3015" contains not only homes, shops, and offices, but also vertical farms, a beach, a miniature "mountain range" and a redwood forest. "Peaking over a mile above the city, the tower pushes the boundaries of how vertical a skyscraper can be," explains the team responsible for the concept. "When fully taken advantage of, Times Squared 3015 proves the skyscraper typology capable of fitting an entire city within itself."

This particular concept may be a complete fantasy (the architects suggest that the top of the skyscraper could be crowned with the buildings its replaced on the ground), but the idea of vertical living isn't going away — not as long as the world's population continues to flock to cities. Other entries in the eVolvo competition look at different problems, including a "shanty skyscraper" that draws attention to the urban poor and a coastal habitat for protecting endangered species.

Times Squared 3015: A city in a skyscraper