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BBC uses BitTorrent Bundle to sell a 10-episode set of Doctor Who

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BitTorrent has been convincing increasingly high-profile partners to sell music, movies, TV shows, and other content through its Bundles, and today it's announcing its first deal with a major network: the BBC. The BBC is using BitTorrent Bundle — BitTorrent's slightly convoluted method of legally selling and distributing content using a peer-to-peer network — to sell a Doctor Who package that spans the series' modern run. There's a free preview that includes a video of Peter Capaldi, the current Doctor, introducing the 10-episode package. Then, if you pay $12, you'll receive downloads or streams of 10 episodes that range from its 2005 return to a highlight from Capaldi's run last year, as well as a few bonus videos.

The BBC has put the package together to mark 10 years of Doctor Who being back on the air. The series' modern run began on March 26th, 2005 — 10 years ago last week. The package includes a strange assortment of content, but that may be why the BBC is using a Bundle, rather than a more traditional form of distribution. "This innovative deal with BitTorrent allows us to directly reach a huge number of consumers and engage with fans on a global and fast-growing digital platform," Julia Kenyon, a BBC Worldwide director, says in a statement. "Innovative" may be a generous way of putting it, but regardless, it's a sign that BitTorrent's turnaround is working: Bundles may be a strange way of selling things, but BitTorrent is getting big names on board and making strides toward shedding its association with piracy.