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Stop-motion nail art is a sneak preview of our augmented reality future

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The Citizen Kane of nail art

A speckled dolphin, a paper crane, and a trio of daruma dolls pop loose from a woman's perfectly manicured fingernails in this stop-motion video. Manicurist Hatsuki Furutani and director Mizuki Kawano created the animated short with the help of 521 custom 3D-printed nails and a support team of filmmakers, designers, and musicians. The process is documented in an equally charming behind the scenes video (below), featuring its own bits of stop-motion animation.

Nailed it

Maybe I've been working on the internet for too long (personal note: I definitely have), but videos that merge animation and real footage shove my brain down the speculative augmented reality rabbit hole. In our future, will men and women where QR codes on their fingernails the digitally transform into the animals and Japanese toys of their choosing? My mind tells me I should shudder at the word "QR fingernails," but my heart tells me, "shut up and let tiny bears dance on your digits!"