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A live-action Attack on Titan series is on the way

A live-action Attack on Titan series is on the way

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One of the biggest Japanese series of the moment is only getting bigger. The upcoming Attack on Titan movies will now be accompanied by a live-action miniseries. Anime News Network reports that the series will bridge the gap between the two upcoming films and will be streamed on Japan's dTV streaming network this summer.

The show, unrelated to the popular 2013 anime, will reportedly include the same cast as the two feature releases, along with new characters created for the series. It will follow Zoë Hanji, a supporting character in the manga who serves in the Survey Corps charged with researching the origins of the massive, bloodthirsty Titans. Events that occur in the first film, which will see release in July, will likely inform the story of the series, paving the way toward the second film's debut in August.

Story details are still very thin

Story details are still thin, however, though fans were given a taste of what's to come in a recent teaser trailer. Fans should definitely expect to see more from the films and series in the coming months.