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Samsung launches three more curved PC monitors starting at $299

Samsung launches three more curved PC monitors starting at $299

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After launching its flagship curved PC monitor back at CES, Samsung is back today with three new models aimed at the mainstream consumer market — and priced accordingly. They all cost substantially lower than the $1,199.99 Samsung wants for its 34-inch SE790C and its sharp 3440 x 1440 resolution. The new models come in 23.6-, 27-, and 31.5-inch sizes, and they all feature 1080P panels. The biggest display will run you $599.99, with the 24-inch priced at $299.99.

As it's done previously with TVs, Samsung is pointing to the immersion offered by the curvature of these screens, and the company is also highlighting that they can relieve eye fatigue associated with most other, flat monitors. A new Eye Saver Mode decreases the amount of blue light emitted by the displays, which should spare your eyes some discomfort. This, combined with Samsung's "Flicker Free" technology, have the company claiming that its latest curved monitors are perfect for Netflix binging or gaming marathons. (All of them post a response time of 4 milliseconds.) Samsung's latest displays will be available next month.