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The McLaren 570S is the most inappropriate use of 'inexpensive' imaginable

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I want a McLaren 570S. One of our video directors, Jimmy Shelton, looks visibly distraught at the notion of never having one.

I can't blame him: it's such a distinctive car in a weirdly underserved part of the exotic car market that it's instantly desirable. The 570S slots in beneath McLaren's 650S, and will retail for under $200,000. That means it competes with the very highest-end Porsche 911s and relatively little else. It might get a little competition from the Acura NSX when it hits streets in the coming months.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's kind of cheap for what it is.

The 570S employs a twin-turbo V-8 good for 562hp and a top speed just north of 200 miles per hour. Being a member of the 200 mph club doesn't mean quite as much as it used to, but it's still a nice badge to have under your belt.

While the exterior might be a little polarizing — I personally love it — it's hard to argue with the interior. McLaren seems to be getting the hang of sumptuous, sporty interiors as it dives into more and more models. The 570S has a center-mounted touchscreen with an array of displays in the instrument cluster; physical controls below the touchscreen and between the seats mean you don't need to fumble around with a touch UI for each and every function.

Two 570S variants are on display here at the New York auto show, one in McLaren's signature orange and another more understated model in medium gray with buckskin interior. I'd take either one.