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Watch John Oliver’s happier version of the CNN Doomsday video

Watch John Oliver’s happier version of the CNN Doomsday video


Martin Sheen explains the Apocalypse, now

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The end of the world might mean the death of the entire human race, but at least you'll have something fun to watch before you explode. In tonight's episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver teamed up with actor Martin Sheen to record a new doomsday message, to be played on CNN just before the destruction of the human race by nuclear weapons / asteroid impact / the return of Cthulhu (whichever is appropriate).

Oliver's new video comes a few months after it was revealed CNN had a clip lined up to be played in the eventuality that the human race was to be wiped out. The video's existence was rumored for years, but only publicly revealed in January this year by Jalopnik writer Michael Ballaban, who unearthed it while interning for the 24-hour news channel in 2009. The video, marked "hold for release until end of the world confirmed," shows a military band playing "Nearer My God To Thee" — the same song the Titanic's band played as the ship sank. Oliver, disappointed with the "dirge" in the grainy video, enlisted Martin Sheen to make "humanity's final moments happier."

Sheen is the right man to be talking us through the end of the world in this replacement clip. His years as President Josiah Bartlet on The West Wing give him gravitas and a thorough understanding of (fake) world politics, while his starring role in Apocalypse Now means that he's up to speed on the concept of imminent Armageddon.