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Here's what LG's 'professional' G4 smartphone camera can do

Here's what LG's 'professional' G4 smartphone camera can do


First sample images show up in LG's latest video teaser for the G4

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April 28th is the biggest day of the year for LG's mobile unit, marking the launch of the Korean company's flagship smartphone for 2015, the G4. In the buildup to the event, LG has dished out most of the phone's core specs and capabilities, and today it's also showing off the first sample images shot with its 16-megapixel camera. They're embedded within a new promo video talking up the wide f/1.8 lens and professional-grade manual controls that will be featured in the G4.

"Even a small difference of a f/0.1 aperture becomes incredibly important" when capturing crucial moments, tells us Colby Brown, full-time photographer and now part-time LG spokesperson. He's the guide touring us through the benefits of LG's new cameraphone, among which the most intriguing one might be a claim to having superior color accuracy. A number of sample images shot with the G4 show off its potential, and they look predictably lustrous and splendid. The big emphasis throughout is on the appeal to professional users; they're not the typical smartphone photography demographic, but whatever's good for them will surely be beneficial to more casual users as well. Check out the full promo video, along with early pictures of the LG G4 itself, below.

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