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Hillary Clinton playing Game Boy makes an excellent desktop background

Hillary Clinton playing Game Boy makes an excellent desktop background


Game Boy-gate

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A photograph of Hillary Clinton playing Game Boy, taken 22 years ago this month, is floating around the internet thanks to a post on the official Instagram account of the William J. Clinton library. With Clinton officially running for president of the United States, we can expect to see many more candid photos of the politician intended to humanize a person who — like most presidential candidates — can seem larger than life.

Little bits of info about Clinton's gaming habits are scattered across the internet. The Washington Post dug up a line from one of the Time Magazine's stories on Clinton:

With Chelsea's departure, the First Lady who mastered Game Boy has resolved to overcome her phobia of computers. Her chief of staff, Melanne Verveer, lately caught her thumbing through a book called Internet E-Mail for Dummies.While a New York Times story on Louis Gillman, a venture capitalist who licensed Tetris from its creators in the Soviet Union, quotes Gillman:

"Between Nintendo sales and PC sales, 70 or 80 million copies of that game sold. We even found out that Hillary Clinton loved playing Tetris on the Game Boy."So perhaps Clinton is playing a lengthy session of Tetris to pass the flight from Austin, Texas, to Washington, DC. But I rather believe she's on the final stages of the ultra-rare Amazing Tater. Hilary Clinton: true gamer for life.