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The Chevrolet FNR concept is impossible to describe — seriously, just look at it

Introduced at the Shanghai auto show this week, Chevy's FNR concept basically defies all description. The closest thing I can come up with is that it looks like you took a next-gen Volt, mixed it with a BMW i8, and sent the two spiraling 50 years into the future.

The car — designed by GM's Shanghai-based Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center team, is described as featuring a "futuristic capsule design." That's an understatement, needless to say. Once you get beyond the insane design, there's a set of "dragonfly"-style swinging doors, hubless motors inside the wheels, and a wireless charging system for the electric drivetrain.

Like the self-driving Mercedes-Benz F 015 — which looks just as wild, albeit with very different styling — the FNR's front seats can swivel 180 degrees so that all passengers in the cabin can chat while the car navigates itself. To make sure that the right people are in the car, an iris recognition system authenticates the driver.

I'll take one. Not now, but maybe in a few decades.

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