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Japanese maglev train breaks world speed record for second time in a week

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Junko Kimura/Getty Images

Last week Japan's magnetic levitation bullet train broke a world speed record that had stood for 12 years, and now it's bettered itself. The maglev train, which is undergoing testing on an experimental track in Yamanashi prefecture, has set a new record by reaching 603 kilometers per hour (375 mph), reports Kyodo News.

The maglev line is expected to open for business in 2027, and will operate at a maximum speed of 505 kph (314 mph). That'll still be fast enough for the trains to connect Tokyo with the central city of Nagoya in about 40 minutes, compared with the 100-minute trip required by the fastest shinkansen today. Japan is attempting to export the technology across the Pacific; one proposal would connect Washington, DC, Baltimore, and New York City via maglev.