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Jon Stewart's last episode of The Daily Show is August 6th

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At the end of tonight's episode — right before the ubiquitous "moment of zen" — Jon Stewart announced that August 6th will be his final episode of The Daily Show. It will be a hard ticket to come by, but he directed fans who are looking to win a pair to an autism fundraiser he's helping run on the crowdfunding site Omaze.

"I will be wearing a suit. I will, more than likely, be showered," Stewart said. "I'm sorry — I will be wearing overalls, and I won't shower."

"I will, more than likely, be showered."

It was over 19 years ago that Stewart took over for Craig Kilborn, who was the original host of The Daily Show. Stewart's replacement is comedian Trevor Noah, who recently drew ire for insensitive jokes made on Twitter. Despite the controversy, Stewart backed Noah on-air last month. "Trevor Noah will earn your trust and respect, or not," Stewart said. "Just as I earned your trust and respect, or did not."

Noah grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has appeared a number of times on The Daily Show as a correspondent. It has not been announced when Noah will take over the show.