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Check out the sci-fi weaponry in the new Tomorrowland trailer

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Every trailer for Tomorrowland has teased elements of its inventive sci-fi world, and its latest gives a long look at what a fight is like with some of its unreal weaponry. The trailer culminates in a big battle sequence between George Clooney's character and some dudes with guns as he tries to escape with Britt Robertson's character to the film's titular hidden world. There's a lot to look at in that sequence alone — a few weapons even seem to have a Portal vibe to them — and it definitely makes the film look exciting.

Tomorrowland is directed by Brad Bird, who previously made The Incredibles, and has a screenplay co-written by him and Damon Lindelof, one of the showrunners of Lost. Basically, there are some good reasons to have high expectations for this film. It'll be out May 22nd.