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Netflix doesn't own its shows, but that could change soon

Netflix doesn't own its shows, but that could change soon


Ownership benefits Netflix in the long run

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Most people would find it surprising that Netflix doesn't own House of Cards or Orange Is the New Black. But going forward, Netflix is making ownership of shows a priority. In an interview with Bloomberg Business, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the streaming service will own a large number of the 20 or more shows that will launch on the service next year. "We’ve continued to expand our creative role on the shows," Hastings told Bloomberg Business. "Now we’re taking on ownership and production."

It's a shrewd move for a company who by all indications will be going head to head with HBO for the foreseeable future. While Netflix has grown to near parity with premium cable and network channels when production companies are choosing a home for a TV show, there's always the possibility it could be outbid, even for shows deeply tied to its identity like House of Cards. Ownership takes care of that issue, and will give Netflix additional revenue streams like DVD sales and licensing rights. While Hastings didn't reveal which shows Netflix had purchased, Bloomberg Business says it has acquired Flaked, an upcoming comedy starring Will Arnett.

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