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New Zeiss Sony lenses have built-in OLED displays

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There's a new line of Zeiss lenses on the way for Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras, and they come with a weird twist. The full-frame autofocus Batis lenses have built-in OLED screens that can display information like depth of field or the distance of the focal plane from the camera. Zeiss calls the displays an "absolute highlight — an innovation that is currently unparalleled in camera lenses."

Useful? Well, maybe. Cool? Probably. There are two Batis models announced so far: a 25mm f/2 wide-angle lens and an 85mm f/1.8 portrait lens. They'll both be available from July, and will work best on Sony Alpha cameras like the A7 II, A7R, and A7S. Pricing hasn't yet been released, but expect it to be on the high end.