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Amazon wants to deliver packages to the trunk of your car

Amazon wants to deliver packages to the trunk of your car


If you own an Audi and live in Munich, you may be in luck

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Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

Amazon will begin testing a pilot program next month that will deliver packages directly to the trunk of your car, at least if you own an Audi, according to Financial Times. The online marketplace has partnered with DHL and Audi to deliver packages to select Audi-owning Prime customers in Munich. Amazon says the DHL delivery agent will get one-time keyless access to your trunk when it's time for your package to be delivered. Audi says there will be no additional insurance issues, as the delivery agent won't have access to the rest of your car.

Having packages delivered directly to your car could help alleviate the stress of not being home for important deliveries, or having to send packages to your place of work. Audi isn't the first carmaker to try this either — Volvo discussed a similar program a few months ago. Amazon is also looking into returns via the trunk of your car — leave a package and let the shipping company pick it up for you. It's not clear how fast Amazon wants to roll out vehicle deliveries, as the pilot members will need to have their Audis adapted to enable third-party trunk access, according to Financial Times. But the company has made it clear that this feature will be available for all prime members in the long run. "We plan long term to make the service for Prime members available everywhere," Amazon said in a statement.

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