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New Google Cultural Institute exhibit focuses on the island where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner

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The Google Cultural Institute is a sort of only museum, cataloging and sharing various online artistic and historical exhibits, and that collection expanded today with a new exhibit focusing on South Africa's Robben Island. The island is most well-known for being the site of Nelson Mandela's imprisonment for 18 of the 27 years he was behind bars before his release in 1990.

Google's new exhibit was produced in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation as well as the Robben Island Museum and consists of seven interactive exhibits focusing on the trial that led to Mandela's imprisonment, Mandela's life at Robben Island, quotes from various political prisoners held there, a prison tour, and more. There are also 25 different street view segments that combine to give viewers a guided tour of the prison as well as 87 high-definition photos showing various objects and scenes from Robben Island.

This isn't the first Google Cultural Institute exhibit focusing on Mandela — in early 2012, the institute brought the Mandela Digital Archive online. That collection focused mostly on Mandela's personal archives and featured much of the correspondence he wrote during his 27-year imprisonment. You can find everything in this newest collection here.