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The new Muppet Show could be just like The Office, but with puppets

The new Muppet Show could be just like The Office, but with puppets

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We knew that ABC was working on a new version of The Muppet Show, and now EW has some details on what the project might be like. The pilot presentation for the new series, which in a meta twist revolves around the Muppets' own efforts to reboot their show, is said to be a mockumentary in the style of The Office or 30 Rock. Not only that, but the logline for the show refers to it as a "more adult" Muppet show, that will dive into the personal lives, relationships, and ups and downs of the individual creatures themselves.

A "more adult" Muppet Show

The on-again, off-again, frog/pig love affair of Kermit and Miss Piggy was a dramatic staple of the original Muppet Show, but Jim Henson's creation was largely a comic variety show other than that. Opening the Muppets up to a more tongue-in-cheek, soap-opera dramedy format could allow reboot creators Bill Prady (The Big Bang Theory) and Bob Kushell (Anger Management) to answer important questions like What is Fozzie Bear's dating life like?, Does Gonzo hang out with his parents?, or perhaps most importantly of all, Just what is Animal, anyway?

For now the creative team is just working on the presentation as a proof of concept, but according to earlier reports ABC — which beat out Netflix for the project — is bullish on the show, seeing it as a potential straight-to-series order if the presentation delivers.