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Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan wants to make a Jack and the Beanstalk movie

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After Breaking Bad wrapped up series creator Vince Gilligan wasted no time jumping back to TV, but now he's looking to the big screen with a very different kind of project. Deadline reports that Disney has purchased Beanstalk, an updated version of the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale based on a "detailed outline" written by Gilligan. The project will be written by Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul's Tom Schnauz, with Gilligan reportedly seeing Beanstalk as a potential directing opportunity. Gilligan has directed multiple TV episodes for The X-Files, Breaking Bad, and Saul, but he hasn't directed a feature film before — though he has written on movies as varied as Home Fries and Hancock.

The Jack and the Beanstalk story has seen a number of different takes recently, popping up in Into the Woods and getting a would-be blockbuster makeover in Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Slayer. This new project would seem to fit in nicely with Disney's recent strategy of taking well-known fantasy properties like Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella and giving them live-action makeovers, but with Gilligan behind the wheel one thing seems certain: should Beanstalk come to fruition, it will be unlike any Disney adaptation audiences have seen before.