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Tim Cook is such a dad

Tim Cook is such a dad

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You don’t have to be a dad to dance like one, as demonstrated by Tim Cook at Apple’s #beerbash #earthday celebration yesterday. The Apple CEO flanked by Eddie Cue and Phil Schiller, break it down to Pharrell’s Happy with a mix of "clap when you want to," "shake your booty," and "grab and thrust" moves, and a heretofore unseen windmill variation of the "Nordic Track" that had been rumored but never before seen in public.

In the smartphone era which Apple is largely responsible for, the old adage "you've gotta dance like there's nobody watching" is more fitting than ever. And kudos to the executive team for enjoying themselves with unabashed enthusiasm. Besides, you’d be dancing too if on the eve of launching a brand new product category, you had enough money in the bank to attract one of entertainment’s biggest stars to play live for your staff at the company HQ.

It’s good to be the king.

Happy #EarthDay from The Apple @liveearth

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