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The 150th VERGECAST SPECTACULAR, live today at 4:30PM ET!

The 150th VERGECAST SPECTACULAR, live today at 4:30PM ET!


A cast in a pod

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Okay it's just going to be a regular Vergecast. But it's going to be fun! And it really is our 150th episode, because today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. And yesterday was Wednesday. And in seven days from now, it'll be Thursday again. And today, on this Thursday, we're going to do the thing we usually do.

This week we saw the rumor of Google's Project Fi become reality, our review of Avengers: Age of Ultron went live, and a big Android Wear update hit, just in time for Apple Watch day tomorrow. Additionally, the Shanghai auto show happened, and there were some significant changes to Facebook's News Feed. Talking about it all will be Sam Sheffer (me), Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Chris Ziegler.

As usual, we'll be live at 4:30PM ET / 1:30PM PT / 8:30PM GMT via the live stream embed above. And if you miss the live show, you can always watch the replay (using the embed above) or download the audio version on iTunes. And speaking of iTunes, be sure to rate us five stars if you enjoyed the show. We'll do our best to make sure you do.

One final note: be sure to listen to our new podcast, What's Tech? — a bite-sized show that explains all sorts of technologies. This week, we explained the singularity.