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A quarter of Americans are completely sedentary, and Chipotle will now deliver

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Om Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

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Two pieces of news passed through my online feed this morning. Chipotle, in a partnership with the startup Postmates, will now deliver in 67 cities across the US. Also, "roughly 83 million Americans age six and over, or about 28 percent of the population, reported that they did not once participate in any of 104 specific physical activities in the last calendar year." That qualifies them as "totally sedentary."

If you think these two pieces of information arriving on the same day is a coincidence, you are kidding yourself. The brilliant entrepreneurs of San Francisco are working to make it happen, fueled by venture capital and belief in the disruptive power of never getting out of your chair. If the early adopters in Silicon Valley are a guide to what's next, we'll soon be a nation of shut-ins, programming our way to a nirvana of passivity.

Don't fight the future my friends. There is a garbage monster in all of us, waiting to be awakened.

Meetings are much better with #burritobowls on the agenda.

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