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Acer unveils smartphone with huge battery and new line of wearables

Acer unveils smartphone with huge battery and new line of wearables

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After it got done announcing a small army of inexpensive Windows convertibles and laptops today, Acer turned its focus to smartphones. The company unveiled a brand new Android phablet, the Liquid X2, and it contains one of the largest batteries we've yet seen in a phone. Rated at 4000 mAh, the Liquid X2's battery is larger than the Droid Turbo's. It's bigger than the Note 4's battery, as well. Even when it's powering a 5.5-inch display (Acer hasn't specified the resolution), the enormous capacity of this battery should allow you to skip the charger and keep running through another day or two of use. Lenovo recently announced its own smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery for the Russian market, and we don't yet know whether the Liquid X2 is US bound.

Acer Liquid X2 hands-on photos


The phone includes a 64-bit octa-core processor, according to Acer. And it supports three SIM cards; while that's not a new thing for Acer, it's still rare to see among the company's competitors and should make this phablet ideal for travelers and people who have to clearly separate work from their personal lives and some other, third thing. Acer's also following HTC's lead and putting the same camera on both the front and back of this phone; a 13-megapixel f/1.8 sensor will handle rear camera and selfie duties. And finally, the company showed off a Quick Touch flip case — the same sort of thing you see on Samsung phones — that offers fast access to music controls, the weather, time, and other features without fully flipping the case open.

Acer 2015 wearables hands-on photos


Acer is also releasing a trio of new fitness trackers, and each represents a step up in design compared to the Leap wearable that it produced last year. The Liquid Leap Fit features a 1-inch touchscreen, waterproof design, optical heart rate sensor, and gold-plated sensors that can read galvanic skin response — just like Jawbone's Up3 wristband. Using a combination of all those, the Leap Fit will provide users with a "stress index." The bands are also interchangeable. Acer's new flagship wearable is called the Liquid Leap Curve and, as the name implies, includes a curved touchscreen plus all the same hardware as the Fit. It basically looks like a Samsung Gear Fit clone, but you can swap the bands out to give it a more unique style. The most basic of the new wearables, the Liquid Leap Active, is essentially a refresh of last year's hardware. All three are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. Like the Liquid X2, pricing and availability details here remain an open question.