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BET is bringing Punk'd back, and no one is safe

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Maybe we're all being Punk'd

MTV's Punk'd, the show that spawned a million ill-advised and unchaperoned home spin-offs (probably), is coming back. BET announced today that it will be reviving a version of the prank show "tailored" to the network's audience, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

Excluding a short-lived revival in 2012, during which a rotating roster of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Nick Cannon hosted, Punk'd has been off the air since 2007. Details on BET's reboot are slim. There's no word yet who will host the series or when it will premiere.

Until then, a word of warning to all vaguely famous people: watch out. Even if Ashton Kutcher already managed to convince you that you ruined Christmas back in 2003, that doesn't give you immunity.