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Microsoft Office reaches 100 million downloads on iOS and Android

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Microsoft first launched Office on iPhone back in June 2013, but it required a subscription and interest was relatively low as a result. Just months after launching an iPad version last year, Microsoft made Office free on Android and iOS, boosting downloads of the software. During Microsoft’s financial results call today, CEO Satya Nadella revealed that downloads of Office on iOS and Android have exceed 100 million.

This milestone isn’t particularly surprising given the free nature of the apps, but it does prove that Microsoft’s Office software is in demand across multiple platforms. Microsoft has been rapidly ensuring its software and services are available across Windows, iOS, and Android over the past year, and apps like Skype, Outlook, and Word are regularly featured in the top 100 charts of free apps in the App Store. Microsoft’s free and popular Office mobile apps may also be contributing to an increase in Office 365 subscribers, as the company also revealed today that it now has 12.4 million consumers paying for access to Office desktop apps and cloud services.