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Furious 8 is coming in 2017

Furious 8 is coming in 2017

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You knew this was coming. You just had to know this was coming. "One last ride," after all, is just a metaphor that means "just kidding there's still some fuel in the tank and the tires are in pretty good condition." Another Fast and Furious film. What also helps, of course, is that Furious 7 currently sits as the seventh highest-grossing film of all time (worldwide) and is still in theaters. Furious 8 is coming April 14th, 2017.

The announcement was made by Vin Diesel at Cinema Con, who is calling it Furious 8 (as opposed to Fast and Furious 8 or something more integrated like F8st 8nd Furi8us). Earlier this month, Diesel said the new movie would be set in New York City — which is to say, we're gonna see a Dodge Challenger jump over Lady Liberty herself. No director has been announced; after shepherding the franchise to high-octane critical and commercial success, Justin Lin (Tokyo Drift through Fast 6) gave the reins to Saw alum James Wan for 7. Lin is probably too busy with Star Trek 3 to return while Wan is reportedly in the running for Aquaman. "What's Wes Anderson up to?" most of The Verge's New York office just asked out loud, only mostly joking.

Ride or die. There is no try.

And while you wait, feel free make your own Fast and Furious sequel.

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