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Telltale is making Marvel video games

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Telltale Games, the studio known for its story-focused adventure video games based on properties like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Jurassic Park, has a major new partner: Marvel. Polygon reports that the first Telltale Marvel game will hit unspecified platforms sometime in 2017; it's not known which characters it will concentrate on, or how it'll fit into various iterations of the Marvel universe.

Marvel Games creative director Bill Roseman said the studio wants to make authentic games that feel "exquisite" and "sexy" with "eye-popping" visuals. Telltale's games have built up a reputation for strong episodic storytelling that lets the player alter the course of events to a certain extent, but they tend to work to a set formula — hopefully the long lead time on the Marvel project will help the team come up with something fresh.