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New Apple guide and videos explain the Watch’s interface quirks

New Apple guide and videos explain the Watch’s interface quirks

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Either through the mail, or from a store, some of you will get an Apple Watch in a few hours. Great! Now what? Apple has designed a totally new interface for its wearable — how do you get it monitoring your heartrate? How do you combine Maps and Siri to find a destination? And how do you set up Apple Pay so you can buy things with your wrist? Fortunately, Apple has the answer. Just in time for the Watch's official launch, the company has uploaded a complete set of "guided tour" videos that explain how to use the Watch, how to navigate its new interface, and how to set it up to your liking.

You'll probably need the headstart. For all of its good points, a fresh-out-of-the-box Watch is not easy to work out, and some of Apple's more creative haptic solutions — like using "a steady series of 12 taps" to mean turn right, and "three pairs of two taps" to signal a left turn — are near-impossible to understand without a guide.

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A fresh-out-of-the-box Apple Watch is not easy to work out

The guided tour clips provide valuable descriptions on how to check messages, answer phone calls, change watch faces, and more, but more detailed advice can be found in Apple's detailed online user guide. If you're waiting for your Watch to arrive, now might be a good time to pore through the topics — it explains everything, from how to pair it with your iPhone, to how to understand the device's complex language of wrist taps.