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Apple debuts three new ads to tell us the Watch is here

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Apple released a trio of new adverts for the Watch today, illustrating in typical Apple-improves-your-life fashion how the company's first wearable can spruce up your relationship, keep you healthy, and generally turn you into the happy, rich, exceptional individual you always knew you could be. What we're saying is that they're good adverts.

The first deals with couples using the Watch, sharing messages, heartbeats, and taking pictures together.

The second is all about staying active, showing people using the Apple Watch at the gym, on their bikes, and reminding them to actually stand up for once.

The third is about getting started in the morning, showing the Apple Watch helping people get to work, get on a place, etc.

All three end with the tagline "The Watch Is Here." But this part, the arriving, is easy. It's what happens next with the Apple Watch that counts.