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Samsung made the most action-packed unboxing video in history

Samsung made the most action-packed unboxing video in history

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Samsung's marketing team has just produced what could be its best work yet — and definitely its most violent. The ad above isn't brand new, and it's possible you've seen a shorter teaser version on TV in recent weeks, but man is it great. Hit play, and you'll think you've stumbled upon some generic, thirsty-for-views YouTube unboxing video.

Samsung totally nails the vibe here, with all the hallmarks you'd expect; you've got your unsteady camera filming everything, plus the played out "Hey, what's up guys" greeting that inexplicably always starts these things off. But then the clip suddenly morphs into a real-world blend between Mirror's Edge and an action sequence that would be right at home in a Jason Bourne movie. Seventy seconds in, our host — having made a successful helicopter getaway — is back to talking about the S6's ability to run two apps at once.

We're left hoping that Samsung will try to top this whenever the Note 5 comes around, because unboxing videos need less boring stuff and more smashed garden pots.

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