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An all-female Transformers team will join Hasbro's comic series

An all-female Transformers team will join Hasbro's comic series

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Even though a new Transformers film universe may be the last thing anyone wants, female fans of the series have reason to rejoice. USA Today reports that Hasbro will unveil a team of six new female Transformers in the IDW comic series Transformers: Combiner Hunters this July, before releasing toy versions of the group in the future.

The new group, which fuse to form the "Combiner" Transformer Victorion, is the result of a recent poll, and reflects the series diverse fanbase. "Our female fans have demanded to be part of the story," Sarah Carroll, senior brand manager for Transformers at Hasbro, told USA Today. "To have them be represented as well is something that's only natural." Female Transformers have existed since the series launched in the 1980s — with characters like Solus Prime taking important roles in the series' mythology — but haven't achieved the same level of prominence as core characters like Optimus Prime and Megatron. That changed last year with the introduction of WindBlade, a fan-built female Transformer who went on to earn her own comic.