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Tony Hawk shares a cheeky video of a Pro Skater character in real life

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Plus a hint at Pro Skater 5 leaks

In advance of the Pro Skater 5 release, Tony Hawk has been having a little fun on the internet. Earlier this week, he shared a clip on Instagram created by skater Rob Wootton that cheekily nods to classic Pro Skater games. Wootton imagines himself as an animated character from the menu screen, spinning his board and bobbing around with a blank look on his face while changing outfits. The attention to detail is intense: the music playing in the clip was even used in Pro Skater 2Polygon reports.

In the caption, Hawk wrote, "I am sharing this now in honor of our next game having been accidentally 'leaked' recently... THPS fans will rejoice." The "leak" he's referring to is a photo posted to Instagram of an event with game publisher Activision, which has since been taken down. Other details are slim, but Pro Skater 5 is scheduled to be released later this year.