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These old-school electric bicycles look like a 1950s dream

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Campy, but serious

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For cycling enthusiasts whose interests fall somewhere between a 10-speed and a motorcycle, electric bicycles are a pretty solid alternative. Unfortunately, sometimes e-bikes look like this. But these new retro-styled ones from Vintage Electric look like something an extra in Jaws would ride around before all the bad stuff starts happening.


The bikes are from the Cruz line: they're kind of campy, kind of beachy, and vintage in style only. Vintage Electric claims the bikes can reach a speed of 36 mph in "Race Mode" with a range of 30 miles and a recharge time of just two hours. The company says the 3,000-watt, 3-phase brushless motor and 52-volt battery should last around 30,000 miles.

The bicycles are available now for $4,995.