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Batman will fight alongside Nightwing and Robin in Arkham Knight

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In addition to the Batmobile carrying extremely heavy ordnance, it looks like the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight will feature co-op play with some prominent members of the Batman Family. In the latest teaser, Batman takes down thugs with Nightwing, Robin, and Catwoman (and presumably Azrael, though he's not seen pulling off combos), and each attack is more brutal than the last.

Rocksteady is calling the new feature "Dual Play," which will allow players to switch back and forth between heroes during combat. It's a fitting addition, since the trailer makes clear that Bruce will need all the help he can get. The Arkham Knight, a seemingly militarized doppelgänger of the Dark Knight, has arisen in Gotham City, and the threat he poses is bigger than anything that's come before. Batman: Arkham Knight will hit stores on June 23rd.

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