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Samsung's latest addition to its Rich Accessory Collection is ridiculous

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Ridiculously rich

Samsung wants you to be rich. To feel rich. Just filthy rich. Rich like a king. A king with a case on your Galaxy S6 that says "love" on the back.

As part of its Rich Accessory Collection, Samsung has introduced new cases for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge designed by Romero Britto, an artist obviously worthy of building rich accessories. "My art brings a feeling of happiness, love, joy, and passion," Britto said. Happiness. Passion. Richness.

But there's one problem: Bratto's cases look like he threw some stickers on the back of a clear case. Very, very far from rich. Could Samsung be pulling a fast one on us? Could this case just be a regular one with a few colorful stickers and a jacked-up price? It couldn't be. Though if it were true, that would truly be rich.