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The CIA has been organizing clandestine TED Talks

The CIA has been organizing clandestine TED Talks

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TED is an immensely powerful, quasi-religious organization with ambiguous motives, global reach, and a history of promoting pseudo-scientists with ulterior motives — so it makes sense that they would end up working with the CIA.

On Friday, The Huffington Post dug up news of a regional TEDx conference called TEDxCIA, held on April 16th just down the road from the CIA's Langley headquarters. According to the Post, the event was meant to encourage innovation and transparency at the agency, best known for clandestine espionage. It's the third time the CIA has held the event, but the first time the news has reached the press. "Say what you will about the CIA," a band performing at the event told the Post, "but everyone there was so passionate and cared so much about what they do, and that was amazing to see."

The roster for this year also includes a memory expert and a cyborg anthropologist, although the names of the talks seem to be classified. It's also possible the entire thing is a false flag meant to destabilize the current socialist-leaning TED regime, paving the way for a new leader more aligned with US interests abroad.