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Dropbox now lets you add comments to hosted files

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Filesharing service Dropbox has today introduced Dropbox Comments, a way for all users to add notes to files that it hosts. The feature — which was previously only available in early access to paid-up Dropbox for Business customers — lets multiple people leave feedback and mentions for other users in a dedicated comments pane overlaid on the document itself. Users can invite people without Dropbox accounts to open files and read the comments, but you'll need to sign up if you want to add your own points.

Dropbox started life as a simple cloud-based filesharing service, but recent moves have seen it pitch itself as a more integral component of your online existence. The company launched dedicated photo and email apps last year, and last week opened up a beta test for Dropbox Notes, a Google Docs-esque way for multiple users to edit the same document. The new Comments feature — available on web Dropbox now and coming to mobile "soon" — is perhaps less ambitious than the still-unreleased Notes will be, but it does at least mean that you won't need to go through the process of downloading a file and porting it into another file editor to get detailed feedback from friends and colleagues.