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Watch nature push a freight train off a bridge with rain and wind

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A huge storm. A toppled train. An exploding power transformer. In another film this would be the origin of a superhero — you don't even need the feats of nature — but this was actually just a Monday outside of a New Orleans' fast-food joint. A huge gust of wind toppled over several freight cars passing along a bridge, and a local reporter just happened to stop his car where he had a perfect view to record it. (He was actually stopping there so he could run in the front doors for shelter.)

Though it's a wild act of destruction on the part of nature, apparently it's ended with no major problems. "The rail cars were empty and did not contain any hazardous materials. No leaks and no injuries are reported at this time," Jeff Davis, New Orleans Public Belt general manager says, according to The Times-Picayune. Four cars were knocked over in total, all into what appears to be an empty field of grass.

The reporter behind the video, Jabari Thomas, went on the air after returning to WGNO's station to describe the incident. You can watch that below.