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Windows 10’s notifications sound like you’re booting up a Windows 95 PC

Windows 10’s notifications sound like you’re booting up a Windows 95 PC

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Microsoft originally commissioned English musician Brian Eno to create the startup sound for Windows 95. Eno’s piece of music was known widely as the Windows sound. At just over three seconds long, it became an iconic sound as Windows 95 grew in popularity. Microsoft has since changed its sound schemes for many Windows versions over the years, but now it appears to be evoking memories of the summer of 1995 with Windows 10.

The Windows 10 startup sound is still a mystery

Russian site WP7 Forum has discovered a number of new system sounds in an unreleased preview version of Windows 10. While they’re not identical to the Windows 95 startup sound, put together they sound similar to the ambience of booting a Windows 95 PC. A new startup sound for Windows 10 hasn’t been uncovered just yet, but the leaked collection includes low battery alerts, calendar reminders, system messages, and new mail alerts. They’re all very similar and subtle, while remaining modern and far removed from the jarring error sounds of past versions of Windows.

It’s not clear whether Microsoft has worked with any musicians to create the new Windows 10 sound effects, but the software maker has worked with a variety over the years. While the company is currently previewing versions of Windows 10, a final sound scheme isn’t in place. Even the look and feel of the operating system is still being tweaked, and leaked screenshots today suggest that the company is bringing back some Windows 7 transparency to its Start Menu along with subtle UI changes around the OS. Microsoft is expected to detail more about the final stages of Windows 10 at its Build developer conference tomorrow morning, and The Verge will be covering it live starting at 11:30AM ET.