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Cablevision is bringing Hulu to its cable boxes

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Pretty soon, Cablevision customers won't need a set-top box or any extra hardware to stream Hulu. The company has signed an agreement with Hulu that will make it the first cable provider to distribute Hulu directly. It'll be the same Hulu Plus experience you've seen on Roku, Apple TV, and game consoles — but you'll tune to it directly from Cablevision's remote. "Even with the rapid growth in streaming, there is a huge audience that consumes television through their cable provider, and we want to be there for them too," said Tim Connolly, Hulu's president of distribution, in a press release. Specific pricing and availability information will be announced later.

For Cablevision, this is the latest move in its campaign to appeal to cord cutters. "There is a new generation of consumers who access video through the internet, and whatever their preference, Cablevision will facilitate a great content experience," said Kristin Dolan, Cablevision's COO. Just recently, the company launched a $44.90 bundle that combines high-speed internet (50Mbps download) with a complimentary antenna that customers without a proper cable package can use to watch OTA channels. A cheaper $34.90 option with slower internet is also available.

The company also quickly became the first cable provider to offer signups for HBO Now, the premium network's stand-alone subscription service. Apple remains HBO's exclusive hardware partner for now, but Cablevision offers subscriptions for the same $14.99 monthly fee.