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Jack Nicholson reacts appropriately to Jared Leto's Joker photo

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You want the look? You can't handle the look!

Has it really been four days since Suicide Squad director David Ayer petrified the internet with that horrendous image of Jared Leto as a Warped Tour groupie? Has 96 hours been enough time to allow your spiked emotions to simmer and reconsider the artistic integrity of this Hot Topic photo shoot? Is half a week the proper grieving period for the respect of Batman's greatest nemesis degraded as wannabe Borderlands box art? Are we all overreacting?

I look into the eyes of darkness, and I am left with unanswered questions. And so I leave it to Jack Nicholson, a man who once filled the Joker's shoes, to emote the unspeakable groan nested in the recesses of our souls.

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