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Spotify, RunKeeper, and other Android apps get their own Google Now cards

Spotify, RunKeeper, and other Android apps get their own Google Now cards

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Earlier this year, Google started allowing third-party Android apps including Airbnb, Lyft, Pandora, and others to generate Google Now cards. Like Google's own cards, the goal is to bring users relevant information precisely when it's most useful or important. And the list of third-party apps that can create Google Now cards is growing quickly. Today, Google announced that 70 new apps now have the ability to generate cards, and some big names have joined the effort.

Google Now keeps getting smarter

Spotify can recommend playlists based on your listening history; the same is true for TuneIn Radio and YouTube. Zipcar will remind users when their car reservation is set to expire and provide quick links for navigating to the drop-off location or extending the rental. Fitness apps from RunKeeper, Jawbone, and Adidas can now remind you of your daily goals and encourage you to work toward them. You can keep up with breaking news by enabling cards from ABC News, Circa, or Feedly. And there's even an OpenTable Google Now card that will let you pay your dinner bill with a tap.

Google says that cards can prove more helpful than regular notifications for the purpose of surfacing relevant data at the right time. That makes sense, since Android's built-in personal assistant has a more comprehensive understanding of your life and what's important than individual apps might — assuming you take advantage of Google Now. The full list of apps that offer Google Now cards can be seen here, and Google says some of the new partners mentioned above will roll out support over the next few weeks.