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This animated short shows the secret history of Tomorrowland

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Disney's Tomorrowland is due to hit theaters next month, but we still know so little about the plot. Thankfully, director Brad Bird took to Twitter to give a taste of what's to come:

The short above, narrated by Maurice LaMarche and animated in the classic Atomic Age style, gives a tantalizing look at the origin of Tomorrowland. Here, we learn the city is the masterwork of a group known as Plus Ultra, founded in 1889 by four of the greatest minds of their time — Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, Gustave Eiffel, and Jules Verne. (Why Edison and Tesla would ever work with one another is anyone's guess.) However, the group's dreams for mankind were deferred by war and corporate corruption, so Plus Ultra's city was built in secret. Our first real visit, then, will be on May 22nd.