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This millennial yurt is nicer than my apartment

This millennial yurt is nicer than my apartment


It will make you yurt

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Noble millennials Mollie and Sean Busby wanted to pioneer a more sustainable lifestyle, so they decided to go off the grid and live in a yurt. The couple's Whitefish, Montana abode boasts 700 square feet of space on the ground floor, 300 additional square feet in a loft, and features a lovely half-moon-shaped kitchen countertop and homey-looking hearth. The Busbies are convinced, nay determined, that they will be able to raise a family in their current living situation.

Contrast that, if you will, with this 265-square-foot condo in San Francisco that just sold for $415,000 (39 percent over its asking price) because it contained a kitchenette and a Murphy bed.

The Busby family yurt seems sort of like a regular house, but circle-shaped and located in the kind of snowy wilderness where Jason Bourne might have a hiding cabin. The "yurt life" edition of Cribs (above) is a promotional video brought to you by Goal Zero, which manufactures solar-powered products. Goal Zero was recently acquired by NRG Energy, a publicly traded power company working on reducing its carbon footprint. Goal Zero products like the Yeti are prominently displayed in the video as essential tools for ideal yurt living.

Young people today may choose a more altruistic version of rebellion, but the basic motivation stays the same. "I want my parents to be questioning, like, what the hell are you doing," Sean tells the camera.

One almost starts to covet a yurt-based existence until they get to the composting toilet in the bathroom. Mollie swears that it's no different than going to the bathroom in an RV, "except you’re a little more hands on with the emptying." Sean interrupts: "We had to get our hands into each other's shit every now and then."

Well that's enough yurt for me. We're in treacherous Style Section territory now.