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These incredible paintings of sci-fi suburbia are finally turning into a book

These incredible paintings of sci-fi suburbia are finally turning into a book


Simon Stålenhag's strange vision of Sweden is coming to your coffee table

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Simon Stålenhag's paintings are a captivating mix of mundane suburban life alongside robots, dinosaurs, and other weird bits of sci-fi ephemera. And soon you'll finally be able to own beautiful hardcover books of his work, which you could previously only enjoy digitally.

Stålenhag has taken to Kickstarter to fund the publishing of two hardcover books of his work, both of which pair his unique art with short stories about the strange alternate history world the pieces take place in. The first book, Tales From the Loop, came out in Sweden last year, but will be making its English debut thanks to the crowdfunding campaign. According to Stålenhag, that book has already been translated and laid out, and should be printed soon. It will also be joined by a second release, Swedish Machines, Lonely Places, that's still in the works and is expected to be completed by late next year.

Simon Stålenhag books

All of the paintings take place in the same universe, an alternate history in which the Swedish government built a large particle accelerator in the countryside, which was decommissioned in the '90s but had some unintended consequences on the landscape. Locals have dubbed it The Loop. "The only difference in the world of my art and our world is that... ever since the early 20th century, attitudes and budgets were much more in favor of science and technology," he told The Verge in 2013. As the Kickstarter page describes it:

In the shadow of the weird machines filling the countryside, life continues as normal. The kids of Mälaröarna grew up living above the technological marvel of The Loop, but for them it was just a part of their very ordinary lives. Until strange beasts from another time showed up, that is.

Free League Publishing will be handling the publishing of the new books — provided the $10,000 crowdfunding goal is met — and backing the project will get you not only the books, but also some limited edition prints (depending on how much you spend, of course). You can check out the campaign here.

Simon Stålenhag
Simon Stålenhag