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No, Tidal has not raised its subscription prices

No, Tidal has not raised its subscription prices


If you want Tidal, sign up through the website

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News has been going around today that Tidal raised its subscription prices, but that isn't the case. While still shows the same $9.99 for Tidal Premium, its basic service, and $19.99 for Tidal HIFI, the same price isn't reflected in Tidal's iOS app. Tidal has been charging $12.99 for Tidal Premium and $25.99 for Tidal HIFI when you sign up through its iOS app to make up for Apple's subscription fee, the company tells us. Apple takes 30 percent of the revenue from every new subscription made through apps in the App Store, and Tidal has made that fact known on its website for some time.

"The reason the in-app purchase subscription cost differs from the subscription price on is due to the Apple service fee imposed for using their service," Tidal wrote. While it may not be the greatest thing in the world for users looking to sign up through the app, you can still sign up on Tidal's website to get the cheaper subscription price.