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HBO is tweeting at all the people who wanted HBO Now years ago

HBO is tweeting at all the people who wanted HBO Now years ago


You asked for it, and now HBO's hoping you'll stick to your word

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HBO is digging back through years of tweets to publicly call out consumers who vowed they'd pay for a standalone subscription service, which the company will soon deliver in the form of HBO Now. HBO's Twitter account is replying to some messages from as far back as 2012, obviously hoping that everyone who once dreamt of HBO sans cable will now hold true to their word. Every one of the company's replies includes a celebratory GIF sourced from HBO shows past and present including Game of Thrones, Entourage, Six Feet Under, and The Wire.

We still don't know a firm launch date for HBO Now; so far the company has only promised to have the service up and running by the time Game of Thrones premieres its fifth season on April 12th. It'll cost $14.99 per month if you sign up through an Apple device, and the first month will be free for customers who subscribe promptly. Separately, internet TV service Sling TV this week announced that HBO will soon be available for an additional monthly fee of $15, giving fans of the network's shows yet another avenue for watching them. Perhaps it's appropriate that HBO is going way back for these customer replies. Only a few years ago, HBO Now seemed like a far-off dream — but it's finally almost here.

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