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ABC may bring back The Muppet Show

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Another day, another classic series being rebooted. This time, it's The MuppetsAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC is considering bringing back The Muppet Show in its classic variety-show format. The network is having a proof-of-concept — not quite a full pilot — shot for a presentation, and the show is reportedly in line for a straight-to-series order if ABC likes what it sees. Now for the, uh, good or bad news depending on how you see it: Bill Prady, co-creator of The Big Bang Theory, is co-writing the script. Prady has a history with the franchise, having written for many of its incarnations.

The reboot is supposed to bring back The Muppets' classic cast of characters and feature a very meta story about them meeting to reboot their own show. The Reporter also has one other key detail: apparently Netflix had some interest in the show as well, but for one reason or another it ended up at ABC. Maybe that's why Netflix is going with Full House.